Posted by: Discovery Science Center Blog | October 7, 2009

Science Gets Spooky at DSC

What happens when you combine Skeletons, Mexican Toys and Science? Skeleton BonesSpooky Science at Discovery Science Center of course! This year’s annual Spooky Science exhibit is truly unlike any other. We’ve combined three exhibitions into one bone chilling, scientifically thrilling, cultural experience.

At the core of Spooky Science is a new exhibit called Head to Toe: All About Your Body. Discover how science principles flow like blood beneath your skin as you keep pace with a simulated heartbeat using a hand pump and identify smells to learn about the process your body goes through to detect scents.

Second, bringing Halloween tradition to life, is Mexico: Festival of Toys, Spooky Science Skeletonwhich gives us an inside glimpse into the Mexican celebration of “El Dia de Los Muertos” (day of the dead). The exhibit spans generations and highlights the role of the toy in diverse and colorful expressions of folk art. Incorporating this into Spooky Science, Festival of Toys provides an interactive look at how Halloween and skeletons are valued by another culture.

Finally, sending a chill through your bones and bringing a Halloween haunt to the exhibition is the Spooky Science: Skeletons theme. Around every corner, you will find all kinds of bones, skulls, joints and body parts – each with a hands-on lesson to teach. The final thrills are held in a Spooky 3-D Skeleton Maze. No need to worry about the little ones, this maze is spooky enough for haunt-seekers, but friendly enough for all ages! Spooky Science is now open and offering haunts and chills for the whole family. Only at Discovery Science Center – now through November 8!


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