Posted by: Discovery Science Center Blog | February 5, 2010

Yo-Yo With the Pros!

February 2010—Yo-yo competition adds to weekend fun at Taco Bell Discovery Science Center’s Secret of Circles.  Join us on Saturday, February 6 (competition begins approx. at 11:00 am) and compete in a beginner-level competition. Make sure to bring your own yo-yo or be one of the first twenty-five participates to sign up that day and get one FREE! The event cost is included with Science Center admission.

About Secrets of Circles

Secrets of Circles is designed as a hands-on exhibit for both kids and adults to learn about sophisticated mathematical and engineering concepts in a fun and easy way! This exhibit shows just how important circles are in daily life. Circles are everywhere, from the wheels on our cars, to the clock on the wall, to the tortilla on the diner plate!

At Secrets of Circles, circle around the compass table to draw perfect circles on a glow-in-the-dark table, gear up at our gear table to make your own mechanical creation, and shop in our pretend market to shop for onions, pulleys, and all things circular, plus much more!


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