Posted by: Discovery Science Center Blog | April 19, 2010

New Camps for Summer at Discovery Science Center

Zoo Camp New for this Year!

When school ends in June the learning doesn’t have to end there. Have a curious young explorer, future veterinarian or aspiring zoologist who seeks the wilder side of science? The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana offers a wide variety of fun and educational summer camps for kids ages five to thirteen for the summer.  Camps are held at the Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana Zoo, and San Joaquin Marsh. Online registration for summer camp is open now at

Science Sizzles Ages 5-6 Investigate a rainbow of colors, make your own pizza, and study squirmy earthworms. Explore plants from the garden to your plate in an investigation of health and good nutrition.

Digital Comics & Stories Ages 7-9Learn the more artistic side of computers during this elementary program using Power Point and cut-and-paste creative software.

Ultimate Exploration Ages 7-10-Try out some real-world science as you make a rubber ball, investigate fingerprints and mystery substances, and use electrical kits to light bulbs, ring buzzers, spin fan blades, and play music.

Digital Photography Ages 10-12Discover how to capture the best photos using professional techniques and practice changing your photos using Photoshop Elements 8. Make your photos surreal, silly, or stunning!

Game Masters: Basic Video Game Design Ages 11-13Everyone knows how to play a video game, but not everyone can design a video game! Learn how to imagine, plan, design, and create your own 2-D computer game using Game Maker software.

The Zoo and You Ages 5-6Enjoy meeting a different animal friend up-close each day at the Santa Ana Zoo and discover the wonderful world of animals as you learn about the smallest to tallest and shortest to longest!

Zoo Camp Ages 7-10-Look, touch, smell, and hear! Learn the difference between cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals as you use stethoscopes to listen to a real animal’s heartbeat and much more!

Summer Smiles Ages 5-6– Take a walk on the wild side as we explore safe, fun science topics at the Marsh. Investigate the world of frogs, flowers, butterflies, and dirt and much more!

Project Discovery Ages 7-10-Enjoy a series of challenge-based activities, such as building a wind-powered car, dropping an egg without breaking it, and constructing a catapult.


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